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Ice Wedding Cake



Ms. Tinsley realized our lives are dotted with special events we share with family, friends and business acquaintances and that is why Xceptional Events was created.  Whether it’s several times a year, once a year, or every now and then, there comes a time when

we all need to plan for a special event to commemorate an achievement, have a good time with loved ones, or to advance a social cause.  But what makes a special event memorable is when it becomes an exceptional event arranged by the specialists of party planning at Xceptional Events, LLC.


For more than 20 years, Xceptional Events, LLC. founder and Principal, Diane Tinsley has brought joy and satisfaction to scores of clients who needed to put a unique twist on their special occasions.

Certified Wedding and Event Planner by The Preston Bailey’s Signature Wedding and Event Design Institute and City College.


Her clients include Columbia University, New York Historical Society,  Actor/Singer Roy Coleman, DPVN Social Productions and more.


Ms. Tinsley’s articles “Xceptional Party Planning Tips”,  "Xceptional Holiday Tips” and “Xceptional Reunion Tips”.

Xceptional Events, LLC is a MWBE Member since 2010.

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